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Secure Intenet Browsing & Emails

The NSW Department of Education & Training is committed to providing a secure e-Learning environment to enrich learning opportunities for all students in NSW public schools.   Your child/children will be provided with access to secure Internet browsing and email.

Email is a method of communicating on the Internet by sending and receiving written messages.   Your child's/children's email account is protected by software to block out inappropriate messages.   Your child/children will e provided with an individual username and password to access filtered Internet browsing and email at school.   Their user name and password will ensure that they receive Internet filtering and that no one else can access their email.

All students who use the Internet at school are taught that they must follow the code of conduct outlined in each school's Student Access to the Internet Policy.   This policy includes the action that may be taken by a school if students do not follow this code of conduct.   This policy also follows specific privacy gudelines which make it clear that personal information and information that would mean they could be identified is not to be revealed and that personal account details remain confidential.   Contact the school if you would like a full copy of this policy.

Students will be able to access their personal email from computers at home and other locations through private Internet service providers.   All Internet browsing at home will be directed through your own Internet service provider.   We recommend that you install filtering software at home and be aware of filtering software at other locations.

As long as your child/children are enrolled at a public school or TAFE college in NSW they will have access to secure Internet browsing and email.   The NSW Department of Education & Training respects your right as a parent to refuse your child permission to access this facility.   If you do not agree to your child/children having access to this facility, you will need to provide notification in writing to the school within 2 weeks of receiving this letter.

If prior to 2007 you refused to provide permission for your child/children to have an e-Learning account your child/children will not be provided with access to secure Internet browsing and email.   Parents can contact the school at any time and request for an e-Learning account to be provided for their child/children.   This request should be forwarded to the school in writing.

Further information about secure Internet browsing and email is available on the NSW Department of Education & Training website at : https://education.nsw.gov.au/ or by telephoning or emailing the school.

Yours sincerely,

Susan Smith,

Relieving Principal

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